Senior Banners

Flagged Portrait

A big thank you to Royal and Moorpark High School for trusting us with their 2019 Senior Baseball Banners.

Senior Sports Banners

Senior banners for any sports team are plain ol’ cool. These banners are larger than life coming in at 2×6, 3×6, 2×3, or 4×5 feet in size and look amazing hanging on a gym wall or on a field fence.

Stormy Lights BaseballImagine your players taking the field or court on reveal day when all their banners are hung on display. The kids love them, the parents love them, and the competition admires them.

How to get Senior Banners

Banners of this sort seem to be a new thing for this area and we are the only local photographer providing them and we’re proud to be the first to market. There are others that are similar but none quite like we provide. These are edgy, big, powerful portraits of young athletes and it’s easy to get started!

Banners Team and IndividualFor just $25/player your team can obtain an 8 foot by 4 foot ready to hang team banner. Adding senior banners and mounted prints for a year-end event is easy too. Just shoot us a text, give us a ring, or contact us via the form below and you’re on your way to having huge banners in as little as a week!

Team and Senior Banners

Banners Team and Individual
Banners Team and Individual

G2Photo Images is excited to share that the following schools placed their trust in us this year and received some amazing team banners, senior banners, and customized sports portraits for their programs.

  • Moorpark High School
  • Royal High School
  • Grace Brethren High School

Banners add a cool impact for your team or booster. The kids love them, the parents gawk at them and the competitors shiver at them. It's a very affordable and fun way to add some interest to your club or team!

Contact us to get started and receive a ready to hang banner in as little as a week.

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3rd Annual Dramatic Sports Portraits event.

Here for ONE DAY ONLY!

Click Book Now and navigate to March 24th to secure a time slot. Book Now - Dramatic Sports Portrait

That’s right, on Sunday, March 24th, 2019 we will host our annual one day event. Enjoy our one day only Dramatic Sports Portraits volume event for 40 families only. This is a volume event which means a huge savings for you!

On Sunday, March 24th, at the Encore Baseball Academy we will be hosting our 3rd annual event from 8am-6pm. This time frame will allow a limited number of families the chance to get some killer, edgy, dramatic sports portraits of their young athletes. And, this year we’ve kicked it up a couple levels.

What you Get

For the same low price as years past, starting at just $59, you will receive a custom portrait package. The package includes 1 8×10 and 2 5×7’s of your athlete in an edgy, dramatic style. In addition, this year you can choose a background to match your athlete’s personality or stick with our traditional edgy all black background.

Only 40 families will receive this opportunity! Click Book Now and navigate to March 24th to secure a time slot. Book Now - Dramatic Sports Portrait

Our goal is to accommodate as many families as we could pack into one day.

What’s more?

Pick your favorite shot before you leave! WOW…we’ll capture several shots of your athlete in a variety of poses and you get to pick your favorite on the spot.

We couldn't have have thought of a better way to ring in 2019 and kick off the Spring season!

We couldn’t have have thought of a better way to ring in 2019 and kick off the Spring season! A variety of add-on packages will be available for purchase. On the day of the event select from large format Canvas and Killer Modern Metal prints. Also, chose vinyl banners, framed portraits, and trading cards too. Click Book Now and navigate to March 24th to secure a time slot.

Book Now - Dramatic Sports Portrait

Baseball Portraits - Fenced In
Movie Themes
Sports Portraits
Sports Portraits
Three Baseball
Dramatic Sports Portrait Poster

Baseball portraits – Fenced In…

Baseball Portraits - Fenced In

It’s always a great time for sports portraits. It doesn’t matter if you want a clean classic image or an edgy sports portrait that makes your athlete look bad …. well, to the bone. We have options for individuals and teams.

What do you get…

Choose from a natural background on your field or in your stadium or choose from one of our dozens of designer gems. Selections are available for every sport. After booking, we bring the studio to your field, gym, or home. Players take about 5 minutes a piece to be photographed in several poses depending on the sport. Once shooting is complete, the magic happens.

The Magic…

After shooting is complete we work our magic. We cull the photos and select the best pose or poses of each player. We then layer the background you selected into each players best photo. Optionally you can request addition of team name, player name & number, and just about any other text you like in nearly any style. From here, depending on what product you selected, the final is delivered to you. Generally teams opt to provide online sales to their team’s parents to allow them to pickup additional products. We offer nearly everything from 8×10’s, Wallets, Mugs, and Large as Life Banners in addition to traditional heirloom quality Classic Canvas and the most impressive of pieces in Modern Metal. If you haven’t seen a sports print on metal, be prepared to be in awe.

How to get it going…

Get your baseball photos going for individuals, teams, or leagues. It’s as easy as clicking here to contact us.

If you’re looking for family portraits, headshots, or event photography aside from sports, visit our sister website at, that’s Studio Quality Portraits bringing the studio to you!

Dramatic Catcher


Team Banner Deal Time

Banners Team and Individual

It’s always that time of year for sports and team banners. Team banners are large as life, generally 8 feet by 4 feet and feature your team players, team name, players names, coaches, and additionally can include sponsors. Using a banner for sponsorship is a great way to fundraise for your team or booster and eliminate the cost to the team for the banner all together. You can optionally combine a team banner with individual banners in 2×3, 3×5, or 4×5 sizes to feature your star athletes or school seniors on the team.

Banners make a great addition to school gyms and fence lines. Intimidate your competition upon arrival while giving your athletes something to oh and ah at.

Contact us today to get started, because at $25/player including free trading cards is a deal that won’t be around forever!

Banners Team and Individual
Banners Team and Individual

How to have a happy kid…

Sports Banner

Want a happy kid? How about an ecstatic kid? How about a kid jumping out of his or own skin kinda kid?

The Solution

Well, G2Photo Images (the parent company of SQPortraits Photography) has just what you need…huge banners!

These custom banners come in sizes ranging from 18″x36″ up to 8′! They are great for all occasions and not just sports.

Meet Mason

Meet Mason, this young man needed a photo for his classroom because he’s the star of the week. How’s this photo? It will hang proudly on the classroom for a week then come home and hang on his bedroom door, for years to come we’re sure!

It’s easy to get started, just call, text, or email! Include your team and receive volume pricing and free trading cards to match!


Sports Banner
Sports Banner

Sports Banner

    Sports Banner

Fundraising Made Easy …

If we told you we had an easy solution for team fundraising, would you take a moment and listen?

What struggles does your team face when trying to raise funds?
– Expense, product desire, obstinate parents? We understand!

Well, we’re here to tell you that fundraising for your team can be affordable, have complete buy in from your parents, and provide a highly desirable product. So, what gives?

Team banners, trading cards, and schedules are your solution! We have found that game schedules with your child on it sell on average for $10 to local businesses and family. That’s right, a local business will be happy to donate $10 per calendar and be willing to advertise your team in their window. We have also found that parents will spend on average $40 for a deck of trading cards of their child. What’s more? We have found businesses will spend on average $100 to be highlighted as a sponsor on a team banner that will be hung at every game and practice.

Here’s the breakdown….

  • A Team banner can turn a 266% return on investment for the team
  • Team schedules can turn a 500% return on investment for the team
  •  Trading cards can turn a 4,000% return on investment per PLAYER for the team

Fundraising can be easy, fun, and spread the word about your team…

Don’t waste another minute selling candy bars, contact us now to learn more.

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Team fundraising made easy…

Impress your competition by hanging a team banner at your games and practices. Custom team banners are a big deal in the mid-west and our sports side of the house, G2Photo Images, is the first to bring it to Ventura County.

Be the first in your league to WOW your team, your parents, and knock the socks off the competition.

Team banners can be configured for just the team or for sponsorship advertising, fitting up to 8 sponsors. Sell eight sponsors spots and easily cover the cost of the banner while still putting a ton of fundraising dollars in the team account.

You choose 4 feet by 8 feet or 3 feet by 6

feet. We cover the photography, design, editing, and 13oz vinyl banner complete with grommets every 2 feet ready to hang.

We have designs available for every sport including Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Basketball, Volleyball, and more.

You also receive $150 off our action package with a team banner purchase which will provide your team over 300 full resolution digital images of every player on the field or in action. Additionally, we will make individual photos from the banner for sale in a variety of choices allowing your team to do additional fundraising.


Call, text, or email today to get started!

Client delivery day!

Client delivery days are always the best! Whether you’re taking advantage of our sports photography or using the Portrait side of our house at SQPortraits you will enjoy a boutique photography experience.

Client deliveries are always hand delivered, wrapped ready for you or as a gift, and we will arrange to have your final art pieces installed or do it ourselves (if ladders aren’t involved!).

We always provide a free in home consultation! Give us a call today to find out more…

New look…new style…

We’re excited to announce our new look, website and business cards and we’d love to hear what you think. But, we’re more excited to share that we have a whole new lineup for your sports photography.

We are the first to the local market providing custom composited team banners and portraits with dozens of styles to choose from. From sweet to edgy we can make your athlete look their absolute best. We also have packages for capturing action on the field or court in Simi Valley, Moorpark, and Ventura.

We are a boutique photography shop and cater to your specific needs in our photography and design.

Be sure to stop over and check out our family portraits and senior portraits options at SQ Portraits – Photography.