Fundraising Made Easy …

If we told you we had an easy solution for team fundraising, would you take a moment and listen?

What struggles does your team face when trying to raise funds?
– Expense, product desire, obstinate parents? We understand!

Well, we’re here to tell you that fundraising for your team can be affordable, have complete buy in from your parents, and provide a highly desirable product. So, what gives?

Team banners, trading cards, and schedules are your solution! We have found that game schedules with your child on it sell on average for $10 to local businesses and family. That’s right, a local business will be happy to donate $10 per calendar and be willing to advertise your team in their window. We have also found that parents will spend on average $40 for a deck of trading cards of their child. What’s more? We have found businesses will spend on average $100 to be highlighted as a sponsor on a team banner that will be hung at every game and practice.

Here’s the breakdown….

  • A Team banner can turn a 266% return on investment for the team
  • Team schedules can turn a 500% return on investment for the team
  • ┬áTrading cards can turn a 4,000% return on investment per PLAYER for the team

Fundraising can be easy, fun, and spread the word about your team…

Don’t waste another minute selling candy bars, contact us now to learn more.

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